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Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.59.23 PMThe Netherlands Luncheon Club, based in Toronto Canada, currently has a membership of some 270 people. As the pioneers of the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s retire, the club is looking for ways to attract new members. The great challenge for the club is to adapt itself to, and flourish in the new century. New immigrants from Holland and desecendants from immigrants are just two sources from which to maintain and expand membership. Being able to speak Dutch is not a prerequisite, as English is the official language of the Netherlands Luncheon Club and its speakers. Basically, anyone who is in some way, business or social, connected to the Netherlands, is welcome to apply.

Henny Groenendijk-Baljet -President

Bas Opdenkelder, Vice-President



Ineke Limbertie

Tineke Lubbe

Theo Luykenaar

Secretariat  & Treasury

44 Bartlett Drive,
Seguin, ON
P2A 2W8

email- netherlandsluncheonclub@gmail.com



Henny Groenendijk,
905 465 5771
Since 1997, the Board of Directors annually presents a community service award for outstanding contribution to the Ontario Dutch Canadian Community.

The recipients have been:

1997 • The Netherlands Bazaar Committee

1998 • Rimmer Tjalsma

1999 • Wim van Duyn

2000 • Aleida Limbertie

2001 • Frits A. Begemann

2002 • Martin van Brugge

2003 • Theo Luykenaar

2004 • Martin van Denzen

2005 • Jack van der Laan

2006 • Duca Financial Services

2007 • Ada Wynston • Henk Hoogstraten

2008 • Ben Hendriks • Peter Lubbe

2009 • Johan Kramer

2010 • Willemina Seywerd

2011 • Elizabeth Witmer

2012 • Bond van Wapenbroeders Canada

2013 • John De Boer

2014 • Henny Groenendijk- Baljet

2015 • Wendy Limbertie  • Anne van Leeuwen

2016 Tim Hogenbirk

2016 August 15, 1945 Foundation Southern Ontario branch

2017  Gé Spaans and  Bas Opdenkelder


2019 Theadora Schryer   .  Tom Bijvoet