Report of a Bright Fall Colour Tour, organized by NLC in cooperation with Mary Morton Tours,

on October 6, 2022,

story and photographs by Theo Luykenaar.


Following an exquisite chicken breast lunch at the rustic Log Cabin Inn in Seguin just outside of Parry Sound, members and guests of the Netherlands Luncheon Club enjoyed a three-hour 30,000 Island Cruise on board the Island Queen through the Georgian Bay organized by Henny Baljet and Mary Morton Tours.

The weather was great and many enjoyed the cruise outside on one of the decks. Throughout the cruise special areas of interest, be it starboard or port side of the Island Queen, were explained through the sound system, such as lighthouses, osprey nests, wildlife, types of fish, massassaga and northern hognose snakes and the Killbear Provincial Park. Also, the commercial aspects of the Bay were addressed. And of course, the area indigenous Huron and Ojibwe tribes were highlighted.

During the cruise, considering Covid-19 is far from over, there was a consensus by the members again to postpone our traditional Christmas and St. Nicholas functions until 2023. The Club’s next function will therefore take place as its annual Liberation luncheon event on Saturday, May 6, 2023, at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Mississauga, near Square One in Mississauga, with the presentation of WWII Ice Hockey Skates to the Hockey Hall of Fame. These 1939 Bauer Skates are from a Canadian soldier playing in a military ice hockey league in the winter of 1944/45 in liberated Tilburg.

Returning to the Parry Sound Harbour the Mary Morton bus was waiting to bring all back, enjoying the fall colours on its way to the GTA area, after this successful event.

Just beyond is Gé Spaans family cottage since 1969. Only accessible by boat.
Although the physical Netherlands Bazaar event is not happening anymore, the balance of funds in its bank account is still being used by the Committee to provide Christmas Food Vouchers for Ontario families of Dutch descent who are going through difficult times and also continuing to provide children’s Summer Camps to the less fortunate.

This summer more than $ 20,000.00 was spent on Summer Camps, and for this Christmas, the Committee hopes to surprise more than 330 families and individuals with Food Vouchers, which have an average value of $ 100.00. This is all thanks to the continued generosity of many individual donors.

NLC Members pose before departure of the Island Queen cruise from Parry Sound Harbour.
Theo and Lia Luykenaar on board the Island Queen cruise ship.
The ‘Hole in the Wall’ is the narrowest passage for the Island Queen to go through and only 15 feet deep.
Lia Luykenaar, Martin van Denzen, Host of the Dutch Touch radio program, and Elly Dull enjoying the cruise.
Gé Spaans, President, and Jannie Thomas, Vice President of the Netherlands Bazaar Committee.


Upcoming Netherlands Luncheon Club (NLC) event in 2023.

Saturday, May 6, 2023, NLC Liberation luncheon at Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Mississauga, near Square One in Mississauga with the presentation of NLC Community Award and Presentation of Tilburg WWII Ice Hockey Skates to Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame.



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