Mary Morton Tours Presents in coop with the Netherlands Luncheon Club


Saturday, July 29 2023 @ St Jacobs Country Playhouse, near Waterloo, ON.

Spend time at the St Jacobs Farmer’s Market, where you can browse the vast array of locally grown fresh produce, meats, cheese, baking, and more.  Lunch is included at the Golf Steak House and you may make your Entre choice there.  At 2:00 pm, it’s showtime at the St Jacobs Country Playhouse for Joseph and the amazing technicolour Dreamcoat. 

Journey back to the ancient land of Canaan for an enchanting story of faith and forgiveness as the biblical tale of Joseph is chronicled with sparkling wit, irreverence, and imagination.  When Joseph’s father gives him a fabulous coat of many colours, his 11 jealous brothers hatch a devious scheme to sell him into slavery.  But Joseph rises above his bleak circumstances due to his ability to interpret dreams and becomes one of the most powerful men in Egypt. 

Don’t miss this rollicking musical masterpiece packed with incredible dance numbers, plenty of laughter, and catchy tunes like “Go, Go, Go, Joseph,” “Any Dream Will Do,” and “Close Every Door.” 

Rate: $172.00 including HST

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